Aqua Wheelblaster

Designed exclusively for alloy wheel preparation

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The Aqua Wheelblaster uses Vixen’s wet blasting technology to finish and provide a key for alloy wheels.

This machine blasts, washes and prepares alloy wheels in one quick and simple step ready for painting and lacquering. This process uses water mixed with abrasive to surface treat the alloy and provide an ideal surface for paint or lacquer to adhere to - in just 3 minutes!

The use of water ensures no media is impregnated onto the alloy wheel. The water also provides a washing action and does not strip the wheel back to bare metal. The wetblasting process used in the Aqua Wheelblaster does not need a specific room for siting, eliminates the risk of dust and combines all of the preparation process in one cabinet – ideal for the workplace.

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Aqua Wheelblaster
  • Dust – free process
  • Optional Pneumatic lift complies with health and safety
  • Internal spigot ensures ease of handling and loading
  • Compact cabinet design
  • Blow off gun to remove excess water and media ready for painting
  • Combines six processes in one machine
  • Wheels can be prepared in less than three minutes
  • After processing, the original paint of the wheel will be totally clean and perfectly etched ready for recoating with paint.
  • Width: 1215mm
  • Depth: 1050mm
  • Height: 873mm
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We can now offer a quicker and better alloy wheel restore service thanks to the Aqua Wheelblaster we recently purchased from Vixen. This machine enables us to continuously treat alloy wheels and refurbish them to brand new. The Aqua Wheelblaster allows us to save a lot of time and money, offering a better and quicker service by preparing the wheels professionally and creating a superb finish. We are very happy with the procedure -from buying to delivering the machines – at the hands of Vixen’s service and sales team. We discovered the machines at the TASC exhibition in Düsseldorf and were very impressed with their performance. Vixen kept all of their promises such as in time delivery and the included training, which was very good. I’m very grateful for that.
Rainer Rindt
Before purchasing the Aqua Wheelblaster, we used to prepare the wheels by hand which took 30 minutes, but now thanks to the Vixen machine it only takes 3 minutes! Contamination of any kind, do not stand a chance against the Aqua Wheelblaster. Only the best for our customers. The service we received was outstanding and the service engineer who came to Dortmund to set up the machine couldn’t have been more helpful. We can recommend the device without any problems.

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