Automated Jetair

The ideal machine for dry blast cleaning or treating components that are highly fragile and can't be tumbled

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The Jetair automated indexer is the ideal machine for dry blasting cleaning or treating components that are highly fragile or very awkward to tumble.

Components are processed in such a way that they do not come into contact with any other parts or moving machinery. These can be loaded and unloaded to and from the Jetair machine by a pneumatic pick and place unit, which is available as an optional extra. This pick and place unit is situated at the front of the machine within easy reach of the entry and exit openings. The Jetair Automated Indexer comprises a circular web carrying independently rotating heads (typically 6, 8 or 12 stations) to which a jig or tool holder attaches.

As each satellite station indexes around the machine, it is rotated/manipulated by a gear drive at variable speed through 360 degree revolutions in front of a series of adjustable blast guns. The stations are individually designed to hold the components in exactly the right positions while they are being blasted, ensuring that the correct coverage is achieved every time. The Jetair Automated Indexer can be operated with a wide range of blast media.

The Jetair Automated Indexer is an incredible piece of abrasive blast cleaning machinery from Vixen. Undoubtedly, it is one of its best dry blast cleaning cabinets and is very popular with customers.

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Automated Jetair
  • Fully-automatic
  • Optional integration to robot/pick and place unit
  • Cyclone media separation
  • Rugged construction with gear-driven satellites (no belts etc.)
  • PLC-controlled
  • Time efficient
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This excellently designed well-made machine from a local based UK company is simple to operate and very easy to alter the operating pressures and types of media's for different work applications. It has vastly improved the time taken to clean and repair components and the quality of the finish. Go visit Vixen and give the machine a try, you will not be disappointed!
Andrew Found
Cleveland Potash Ltd, UK

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