Jet Wash Front Loading

The Jetwash range is a prime example of Vixen’s success.

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Vixen Surface Treatments manufacture outstanding machinery and equipment for washing and degreasing.

This front loading Jetwash has guillotine doors which are operated by a pneumatic cylinder and two-handed control unit. This prevents any risk to the operator.

The design of the Jetwash front loading aqueous washer enables easy loading of heavy components and is available with the option of one or two doors. Controls and temperature settings (depending on specification) can be set using a digital timer through a touch screen display linked to a PLC.

Vixen has also developed an autoload control in order to help the operator load large components into the machine quickly and efficiently.

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Jetwash front loading
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Fully-insulated
  • Adjustable feet
  • Fully-stainless interior
  • 3 phase electrics
  • Two-tier filter
  • Low water sensor
  • Steam vent
  • Oil tap and weir
  • Gas-assisted door
  • 24mm mesh basket
  • Pneumatically opening door
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We strive for excellence in the service we provide to our clients, and Vixen has helped us achieve a consistently high level of quality in the finish of our pipes, thanks to the Front Loader JetWash. Previously we needed two people to blast the pipes and this was a lengthy, and at times an inefficient process. Thanks to Vixen we have seen improved efficiency which in turn speeds up the operations across the shop floor. We would be very pleased to recommend Vixen’s machines to others seeking to achieve similar process improvements.
Graeme Campbell

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