Jetwash Carousel

Ideal for washing and degreasing large components

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Vixen has developed the Jetwash Carousel to allow large components to be loaded, with more than 50% of the basket accessible.

Using an overhead crane or forklift truck, large components can be easily loaded into the Jetwash Carousel.

This machine has a number of options, including a second stage rinse. A popular option is the high pressure 1000psi pre-wash, making it ideally suitable for heavy soil and grease removal in engineering reconditioning markets, or where loading very heavy components is an issue.

The high-pressure facility through an impressively rugged pump system not only cleans fast, but reduces the need for high concentrations of detergents. This saves many hours in washing time and resources spent on costly detergents.

Vixen’s Jetwash Carousels enable washing and degreasing of large components to be undertaken with great simplicity and safety.

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Jetwash Carousel
  • Fully stainless steel interior
  • Insulated construction
  • Fully-automatic
  • Two-stage lift out filter
  • Oil tap & weir separator
  • Water level safety trip
  • Temperature control
  • Addition filtration options
  • Air-cushioned lid/door seal
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The Jetwash Carousel degreasing machine is a great improvement on the smaller top-loading machine which we previously used, for the type of work which we carry out. The machine is continuously utilised on a daily basis and has helped us to cope with our increased workload and keep up our reputation for quality and service which we have built up over the past 25 years. The machine has also contributed to helping us win a Business of the Year Environmental award.
Brian Smiles
Smiles Engineering, UK