Miniwash - Degreasing Unit

The Miniwash Degreasing Machine uses hot water and environmentally-friendly detergent

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The Miniwash is ideal for small parts to be cleaned thoroughly automatically.

Detergent is sprayed with a fixed spray boom above, to the side and below the rotating mesh basket, giving components a thorough wash. After closing the lid, the timer is set to the desired wash duration and the machine automatically starts. During the wash cycle, the basket rotates and the components are cleaned quickly.

Due to the temperature of the detergent, the components flash dry in seconds at the end of the cycle. The Miniwash Degreasing Machine has been designed to operate in machining cells, allowing operators to batch wash their components efficiently.

Vixen Surface Treatments can offer customers portability to meet their washing and degreasing needs through the Miniwash degreasing machine.

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The main benefit we observed from using Vixen's Miniwash degreasing machines was the reliability. We have an excellent relationship with Vixen Surface Treatments. The Miniwash 480 degreasing machine gives rapid speed, quality and cleanliness of the components to TT Electronics and is contaminant and hazard free to the working environment.
Wilton Clarke
TT Electronics, Barbados
  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Coarse particle filter
  • Single phase supply
  • Compact design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple to operate
  • Available with an optional trolley for portability around the workshop
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