Tristar Conveyor

Ideal for washing parts that cannot be tumbled

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The Tristar Conveyor Tunnel Washing Machines have been developed to wash components that are too large for the Tristar Rotary Drum range or for parts that cannot be tumbled due to risk of damage.

The Tristar Conveyor is fitted with a continuous moving stainless steel track that conveys the components through the different wash and dry stages. The parts can either be fed on the track manually or automatically. This range of machine can be produced in many variants with almost unlimited stages of either wash, rinse or dry.

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Tristar Conveyor


I am pleased with our investment, The Tristar is very cost-effective doing a job previously requiring 4 people and enabling us to wash and dry 1,000 components per hour. We are now considering investing in another machine from Vixen to help in the degreasing of other components.
Michael Valters
West Riding Pressings, UK
  • All internal areas of the machine are manufactured in stainless steel or non-corrosive materials
  • Digitally controlled heaters
  • Easy access to internal parts of the machine, e.g. heaters and pumps
  • Clear view adjustable control panel
  • Stainless steel conveyor track
  • Demineralised water rinse to eliminate staining on parts (optional)
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