Tristar Rotary Drum

Ideal for multiple components that need to be degreased, rinsed and dried in large quantities

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The Tristar range of machines has been designed and developed to provide a continuous output of parts that need to be degreased, rinsed and dried in large quantities.

The standard three stage model includes immersion, wash and dry stages.

Four and five stage models are also available which can include additional rinsing and drying stages.

The Tristar houses a rotating drum which has an Archemedes continuous screw fitted on the internal wall. This means that as the drum rotates, the turning of the screw moves the parts forward.

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Tristar Rotary Drum
  • Continuous throughput of parts
  • Degrease, rinse and dry in large quantities
  • Immersion, wash and dry in 3 to 5 stages
  • Tristar 300: Electricity Supply - 40
  • Tristar 500: Electricity Supply - 40
  • Tristar 600: Electricity Supply - 40
  • Tristar 700: Electricity Supply - 40
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We have had the machine up and running and playing around with it… we are totally amazed! I have been using various methods of cleaning alloy engine components for the last 36 years and NOTHING has ever come close to this! We would like to say thank you for your professional service, it has been a pleasure doing business.
Chris McNatty
Batts Motorcycles, New Zealand

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