Ultrasonic Degreasing Machine

Ultrasonic cleaning is among the most effective forms of component cleaning

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‘Cavitation’ is an ultrasonic action that enables the cleaning of internal areas which are not accessible using other means of washing and degreasing.

Cavitation can be described as the vibration of water and liquid detergent molecules using a very intense sound at high frequency, and could be simplified as ‘cold boiling’.

The vibration of the liquid molecules produces a scrubbing action in blind areas where simple soaking in hot water and detergent will not clean the surface fully. Cavitation produces a remarkable cleaning process, when you consider it is undertaken in areas that are incredibly difficult to see.

Vixen has developed its ultrasonic cleaning knowledge over more than two decades of work and research.

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ultrasonic tanks
  • Ultrasonic cleaning technology developed over more than two decades of research.
  • Vixen Surface Treatments are a market leader in the manufacture of quality wet blasting machines, dry blasting cleaning cabinets and degreasing & phosphating equipment. All of the machines are designed and built in our factory to the highest standard.
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Our parts needed to be thoroughly cleaned so we decided that immersion washing with ultrasonics would be the best route. We invested in Vixen's 5 litre industrial spec ultrasonic cleaning tank to remove the petrol varnish from carburettors before re-assembling them back together.
Jim Moore
Practical Sports Bike Magazine

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