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Here at Vixen Surface Treatments, we supply a wide range of abrasive media to use with your machine to provide the best results.

Our media is available in different grades which can produce different finishes depending on your application. Please take a look below.

If you are unsure which media is for you, please contact our Aftersales team on 01642 769 333 and they can assist you further.

Product Image Description
Aluminium Oxide Virgin Brown
aluminium oxide 30 40
This is a sharp, fast-working abrasive which is used when ferrous blasting abrasives cannot be used due to any risk of corrosion. It is ideal for extremely hard substrates. This media retains its cutting ability as it chips easily on impact creating another new face. We offer this in a range of grades.
Aluminium Oxide VW
Aluminium oxide 46 flat
Virgin White is a friable, high purity, medium density abrasive. It is designed for general industrial use in operations such as lapping, polishing, refractory coating for investment cast shells, decorative non-skid tile, and pressure blasting. It is used where a high purity and/or highly friable abrasive is desired. We offer this in a range of grades.
Aluminium Oxide VP
Virgin Pink
Virgin Pink Aluminium Oxide is an extremely durable and highly pure media which is idea for processes where no contamination can be tolerated. The Virgin Pink media combines the toughness of the Virgin Brown with the sharpness of the Virgin White.
Chilled Iron Grit
Chilled iron grit g07
A very abrasive media which is harder than steel and therefore has a quicker cleaning action. This media chips on impact with the component rather than wearing blunt. This range of grit is frequently used to prepare surfaces prior to the coating. We offer this in a range of grades.
Ceramic Media
Ceramic beads are a very durable media which offer an effective cleaning power with no surface contamination to deliver a smooth satin finish for up to 10 times longer than glass bead. They are suitable for blasting the surface of all kinds of steel, aluminium, and other non-ferrous alloys to remove oxide, rust, sand coatings and burrs. We offer this in a range of grades.
Glass Bead
glass bead 50-100
A light abrasive material which is used primarily for peening and the removal of almost any surface blemish except corrosion or heavy scarring. It may also be used for texturing or producing attractive cosmetic finishes without damaging the component. Treated surfaces are left with a satin smooth finish. It produces excellent results on soft metals such as aluminum or brass. We offer this in a range of grades.
Nickel Chrome Shot
nickel chrome shot 330
This is a form of stainless-steel shot which is used on non-ferrous components. When steel shot is used in the blasting process it leaves a ferrous residue – this is unacceptable on components made of materials such as aluminium or brass, as the surface will rust quickly. Typical applications are preparing surfaces and removing discolouration after heat treatment. We offer this in a range of grades.
Olive Stone
Crushed Olive Stone is an excellent hard abrasive which is often used instead of plastic media. The advantage with olive stone is any remaining particles in water jackets or cylinder heads will not present the danger that a plastic media would.
Plastic Chip
plastic chip 20-40
This media is usually used for cleaning components such as moulds when there must be no dimensional change whatsoever, but only to remove carbon and other debris. Plastic Chip is used heavily in aerospace industries due to the tight restrictions on contamination or any impurities found in the media. We offer this in two grades.
Steel Shot
steel shot 330
Steel Shot Media is made from high carbon steel and is treated to give durability and resistance. It has extensive applications in general industry for the removal of scale, rust and surface contaminant. Steel abrasives are very popular for de-burring or de-flashing of castings and cleaning moulds. This type of media is also well suited to peening/etching surfaces prior to bonding. We offer this in a range of grades.


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