Blast Media

Vixen Surface Treatments is capable of providing any blast media, detergent and spare parts that you may need. It can prove this beyond any doubt by sending you a media sample case containing the different grades of media available.

Sample cases from Vixen Surface Treatments will contain a series of tubes holding a different grade of the media type requested by your company. Once the sample case is in your possession, you can remove the media from their respective containers in order to place them under greater scrutiny. Vixen can give you the choice of two sample cases:

  • Case A – Contains each and every media type and grade supplied by Vixen. Each provided media grade can be removed from its respective container, allowing for in-depth inspection.
  • Case B – A smaller case than the first option, but still contains your specified media type and all of the different grades. Like with case A, all media grade can be removed from its respective container.

Vixen can assuage any of your concerns relating to surface treatment machinery and equipment. Simply get in contact today and request one of the media sample cases that it provides. Contact the aftersales and service department by telephone on 01642 769333 or else via e-mail at



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