Aquablast® 915 Wetblasting machine

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Vixen Surface Treatments is a market leading specialist in the design and manufacture of wet blasting machines. Vixen’s Aquablast® range is sold worldwide with the smallest model (the 915) being the most popular machine. The range consists of 3 standard models… the 915, 1215 and the 1515. Each of these machines are named after the size of cabinet, however Vixen can also manufacture bespoke wet blasting machines to match the exact requirements of their customers.

The 915 is the entry level machine which brings huge benefits to a wide variety of industry sectors. Even though this is the smallest model, the Aquablast® 915 has the same power output and performance as the larger models in the range. 

The Aquablast® machine is designed to simultaneously blast and degrease components in a quick and easy dust free process.

The wetblasting process cleans by flow and not impact, which produces a ‘soft’ finish. The water acts as a lubricant to avoid media impregnation and also extends the life of the blast media, saving time and money.


“I first heard about Vixen’s Aquablast after visiting an existing customer and testing out the machine. I fell in love on the spot and couldn’t believe how good the parts looked after being blasted. Since we have purchased our Vixen Aquablast the finish is 10x better and the process is a lot quicker.” – Roger Clark Motor Sport.


Along with the other Aquablast® models the 915 can be supplied with a closed loop rinse system, where the water used for the windscreen wash and rinsing after blasting, is simply recycled and filtered in a sedimentation tank sited at the rear of the machine.


The wet blasting range has a wide variety of capabilities with its main being ideally suited to the removal of welding contamination on stainless steel. The Aquablast® provides a uniform peened end result every time, with the main features of the 915 being the robustness and quality of manufacture.

For more information on the Aquablast® range click here to enquire for the new 20 page Aquablast® brochure. Alternatively you can contact the sales team today on 01642 769333 or email

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