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Rick Paul, one of our distributors over in the USA visited us in November last year for just under two weeks and what a busy time it was. Whilst he was at the Vixen factory we spoke about the reoccurring questions and great feedback that we have received from customers. At Vixen we pride ourselves in our dedication to customers before and after the purchase of a machine. Companies from around the globe purchase our products and we have established long-standing relationships with many world-renowned organisations.

We wanted to make sure that the purchase of our machines is with confidence and customers are able to set up their machines as quickly and as easily as possible. So we hired a professional videographer and with Rick’s help shot a series of videos from setting up the Aquablast machine to seeing it in action. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video must be worth a lot more!

The video is split up into ten sections which you will be able to find on our Youtube channel: Vixenuk1.

Each video entails:

An introduction to the Aquablast machine


The initial set up of the machine – this video shows you how to set up the machine with a closed loop rinse system.

Initial set up – this shows you how to set up a machine with an open loop system.

Electrical Components- this video gives you a brief over view of the electrical components on the Aquablast machine.

Powering up – I think you can guess by the name but it will show you how to get the machine running

Phasing the machine – VERY IMPORTANT! If you are going to watch any video this is the one! Before adding water you need to make sure the motor is turning in the correct direction or it could damage the machine

Adding water

Basic operation -  You get to see Rick in action using the machine

Draining the machine

The closed loop system – This explains all about the closed loop system and how it works

Ventilation – Shows you the Aquablasts ventilation system.


Click the link below to watch the full installation video:

All of the videos are short and easy to follow, but remember we are only a phone call away if you need any help 01642 769 333.

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