The Complete Wheel Repair Package!

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Vixen manufactures the Aqua Wheelblaster, this machine is specifically for smart alloy wheel repairs. Wetblasting technology is used to simultaneously blast, wash and prepare alloy wheels after kerb damage in one quick and simple step

ready for painting and lacquering. The machine combines the standard six stage process of manually preparing wheels into one application, and can reduce the application time from one hour per wheel to just three minutes in one compact cabinet.

The six processes include acid wash, power wash, quick dry, abrasive key, residue removal and dry pre paint.

As the Aqua Wheelblaster machine was designed exclusively for the operator working in the automotive business, the most typical customer would be car refurbishment companies and motor dealerships/garages who have a body shop on site for carrying out repairs, including smart alloy wheel repair. We have supplied many machines to Mercedes owned garages, BMW dealerships and other established car garages throughout the UK.

At Vixen, we now also supply the Vixen Wheel Lathe. We wanted to give customers the opportunity to buy the complete package for alloy wheel refurbishment! The Vixen Wheel Lathe has automated self plotting probe system technology, digital optimisation software and more outstanding features.

The Aquablast range of machines is Vixen’s most popular range which features the Aqua Wheelblaster. However, the standard wetblasting cabinets such as the 915 are designed to simultaneously blast and degrease components in a quick and easy dust free process to achieve outstanding finishes, intern this also makes these machines extremely popular within this industry. This machine provides the best surface preparation prior to bonding, repainting and re-coating which makes it ideal, similarly to the Aqua Wheel blaster machine within the motor dealerships/ garages.

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