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Furmanite International Ltd in Middlesbrough, one of eight UK sites operated by the global site-services business, is providing a top class finishing service to its clients, thanks in part to the purchase of a Vixen Surface Treatments’ Jetair dry blast machine. 

The worldwide innovator and leader in comprehensive on-site and on-line plant and pipeline maintenance, operates maintenance contracts for leading pharmaceutical and chemical companies as well as providing a vital service to the nearby steel works.

The Jetair, which is used for blasting small sized metal components, is operated several times a day, for approximately five minutes a time, to remove grease, rust, dirt and other contaminants. The process is critical to ensuring parts are maintained to a very high standard, which in turn helps Furmanite achieve its single mission of maximising clients’ asset uptime.

Liam Woodhouse, BEDA Technician at Furmanite in Middlesbrough said: “The Jetair was purchased a few years ago now, but is a solid, robust machine, in use every day and still going strong. Though other techniques for blasting are available to us, we have found that smaller, more delicate parts don’t cope well with methods such as steel bead blasting. The Jetair is a reliable machine which provides a fast cleaning service and which delivers the top results demanded by our clients.”

The Jetair, which features halogen lighting and a high performance cartridge dust filtration system ensuring maximum internal visibility, provides quick, clean and efficient results across a wide range of applications. Jetair machines come in different sizes, thereby letting you choose the one that best suits your needs and resources. Machine specifications include separate four cartridge filters, media cyclone separator and turntable options. 

Furmanite maintain their Jetair machine through a Vixen care plan which includes regular servicing visits by a Vixen engineer. Knowing the reliability of Vixen’s machine, Furmanite also operated Aquablast and a Jetwash machines at its other north east-based sites.

To find out more about the durability, value for money and high quality finish provided by Vixen’s dry blast machines, please contact us today by clicking here.

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