Improving Surface Finish Of 3D Printed Objects

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3D printing which is also known as additive manufacturing is a new and upcoming technology that takes a digital file and builds it into a 3 dimensional object. 3D printing technology creates a lot of possibilities for the future, it is predicted that it will become increasingly

popular in the manufacturing industry, as many companies will be able to make specifically tailored objects quicker and easier, saving time and money in production.

There are many different types of 3D printers which vary in the way they layer each section of the object. One of the most popular ways to print in 3D is through SLM (selective laser melting). This particular technique melts and softens materials to create the layers of an object. For more information on 3D printers visit

However one of the problems with 3D printing is the overall finish… this is where Vixen Surface Treatments can help. As explained above, the way these 3 dimensional objects are created is a build-up of layers which can be seen by the naked eye. From companies such as gun manufacturers to car body shops, the final finish on any material is vital. The layers which make up the objects can not only be seen but they can also cause complications when it comes to painting and powder coating.

Vixen’s Aquablast® range of machines are ideal for creating the desired surface finish on 3D printed materials. These machines ensure a superior finish every time after the blasting process. Another benefit of wetblasting is the mixture of water and abrasive means the media remains clean and the contaminant is held in the water. This Aquablast process consistently creates a softer and smoother surface finish, which enables handling of the parts without the finish being affected.

The Aquablast range consists of 3 standard models, the 915, 1215 and the 1515. The difference in these models is the size with the 915 being the smallest. Vixen is continuously looking at ways to improve their machines and make sure they are up to date with the newest technologies like additive manufacturing. They also have an in house design team which can specifically tailor machines to the exact requirement of their customers.

For further information about the range of machines available at Vixen please contact today on 01642 769333. Alternatively you can email

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