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Ambitious plans to upgrade the sustainability of operations at LH Group in Burton, Staffordshire have been made a reality thanks to the purchase of six Vixen front loading Jetwash and two top loading Jetwash machines. 

LH Group, a re-manufacturer of power-train products, is a company highly committed to continuous environmental improvements. LH Group had previously been using chemical treatments to degrease and clean engine parts for rail clients, but approached Vixen to discuss options to achieve high quality results using more sustainable techniques. 

Vixen’s sales team highlighted the benefits of the Jetwash machines which are automatic and come with a choice of top loading batch, front loading batch, and continuous inline Archimedes screw and conveyor types.

Steve Lolley, Maintenance Manager said: “All engine components must be spotlessly clean before being passed to the client. The aim is to remove all oil, grease and machining fluids, which is a big task due to a high volume of parts awaiting cleaning at any one time. For us the answer was to purchase six top loading Jetwash machines which are all in constant use every day. Each cycle takes around half an hour and we are always very happy with the results."

As well as environmental benefits, LH Group now experience a much faster turnaround when cleaning parts, which is particularly important to Steve as it has comes at a time when work capacity has increased due to company growth. 

The solution provided by Vixen ensures that LH Group can demonstrate to their client that sustainable business practices are being adhered to whilst also providing a fast and high quality cleaning service. 

To find out more about Vixen’s front and top loading Jetwash machines, please contact us today or click here to watch our demo videos.

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