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As part of Practical Sports Bike Magazine’s GPz750 restoration project, the time came for the carburettors to be restored. The Vixen cleaning machines were chosen after previously being used in the project for restoring the engine casings.

After stripping down the carbs and revealing what was what, it was concluded that the floats, jets and accompanying fittings needed to be thoroughly cleaned. In order to reach inaccessible areas it was decided that immersion washing with ultrasonics would be the best route.

For this job the magazine contacted Vixen and invested in a 5 litre industrial spec ultrasonic cleaning tank, this would be used to remove the petrol varnish from the carbs innards before re-assembling them back together.

In the article there is a step by step guide on how to use the Vixen ultrasonic tank showing how easy and efficient the machine is. The last step states “You’re ready to enjoy the rewards of properly cleaned carburettors”

The original black paint on the castings was tired and flaking so they decided to have the whole lot cleaned to remove the paint, dirt and corrosion by “Alf’s Motorcycles” who owns one of Vixen’s Aquablast wetblasting machines. The magazine thought it was a “no brainer” when choosing the Vixen Aquablast for the job and proved themselves right stating “The results speak for themselves – they’re stunning. They’re far cleaner than you’d ever get them by hand.”

After all the carburettors were complete the photos were stunning, the magazine showed a photo of the sparkling results stating “We’d be surprised if they looked this good when new”

The project of restoring the bike is fully complete and with the helping hand of the Vixen Aquablast wetblasting machine and ultrasonic bath, the bike is now ready for a new home.

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