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This year Vixen manufactured their largest Carousel machine to date. Vixen have been manufacturing standard sized Carousel machines for many years and when approached last year with the task of manufacturing a machine large enough to hold a maximum capacity of 6000KG they were very keen to take on the challenge. The enormous 6 ton load capacity machine was designed and manufactured for the use of cleaning Caterpillar Engines.  

The machine was designed to wash heavy train engines prior to dismantling. Previous to using the Carousel machine the engines were manually washed by conventional hot spray washers and the company who bought the machine were looking for a far faster way of reaching the high quality results they wanted to achieve.

The machine simply works by loading the dirty engines as a complete unit on a 3m diameter load platform where severe oil and soiling is removed prior to dismantling. The engine in the photograph is a small Caterpillar engine weighing approximately 2000KG.

The main design element of the Carousel machine was for easy operator use. The heavy mounted door with 40mm shafts and bearing’s was designed to be easily manoeuvred with one hand. The main feature of all of Vixen’s Carousel machines is the door, which when opened reveals more than 50% of the load platform. In this case the engines are loaded easily on an overload crane which manoeuvres the engine easily into position. Smaller models are often loaded with a forklift truck.

The main washing feature of this specific Vixen Carousel is a rotary driven jet system operating at 1500 psi. This high pressure jetting recycles the cleaning solution creating a huge impact on the engine block and consequently removes heavy soiling rapidly.

The second stage wash removes the heavy remaining contaminants using two centrifugal pumps delivering over 500 litres per minute of washing solution which again is recycled.

Since building this carousel the results were that amazing Vixen are now in the process of manufacturing 3 more machines for different companies very similar to this one.

For more information on Vixen’s range of cleaning machines please call +44 (0)1642 769333 or email

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