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Cleveland Potash Limited is the only Potash mine in the UK, supplying over a million tons of potash fertilizers for agriculture and industry uses each year also producing Polyhalite and Salt.

When completing the earth tests in the cable repair workshop on the cables they have to reach a specified percentage to comply with British Standard,  therefore the condition of the gland parts is very crucial.

The contact tubes, glands and coupler components from the cables come out of the mine badly tarnished and corroded which impacts the Earth return on the machine cables affecting the operation of the machine and protective devices.

Cleveland Potash were cleaning these components by hand in the repair workshop using a wire brush and emery cloth or a bench mounted wire wheel, but after being very impressed with a Vixen machine they had elsewhere on site they decided to purchase a Vixen Jetair to improve their previous cleaning methods.

The Vixen Jetair is the top of the range of Vixen's industrial dry blasting cabinets. The halogen lighting and high performance dust collection system fitted to these models ensures maximum internal visibility, which is important for first class results. These cabinets are designed to provide quick, clean and efficient results.

Using the Vixen Jetair machine has considerably increased the speed of the cleaning process for Cleveland Potash and gives a far superior finish. It has given an improvement in the earth return tests which leads to better cable reliability and availability.

Andrew Found of Cleveland Potash Ltd supplied us with the following statement:

“This excellently designed well-made machine from a local based UK company is simple to operate and very easy to alter the operating pressures and types of medias for different work applications. It has vastly improved the time taken to clean and repair components and the quality of the finish.”

When asked what they would say when recommending the Vixen machine this is what they said:

“Go visit Vixen and give the machine a try, you will not be disappointed!”

Vixen welcomes anyone with any application to come to Vixen for a free demonstration of our machines. Our sales engineers can also come and visit you and determine what machine would suit best for your particular application. Bespoke machines can also be manufactured to your desired specification.

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