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The Vixen Jetair dry blasting machine has recently been installed at Award winning paint and body work specialists Mitchell Motors to increase speed and quality at their refurbishing facility in Wiltshire.

The Jetair blast machine was manufactured at Vixens Teesside factory in the North East of England and was installed at Mitchell Motors facility last month after they decided to invest in yet another Vixen machine.

Mitchell Motors had previously used a smaller Vixen machine for the past 10 years and after a strong customer relationship with Vixen they decided to contact them for another piece of equipment.

Andrew Mitchell the director of the company came to Vixen with a view to speed up the process, and after meetings with Vixens pre-treatment manager Andrew opted for a Jetair VM55 dry blast machine with a separate heavy duty cyclone.

Having a cyclone fitted to the machine efficiently separates dust and debris from the abrasive maintaining the abrasive quality. The cyclone ensures the blasting process remains consistent and the lack of dust and debris during blasting makes sure the operator has good visibility within the blasting chamber.

In the past there was a history of hard manual labour when removing paint and corrosion from the car body panels prior to paintwork and after only using the machine for a few weeks Mitchell Motors are extremely happy with the results the machine brings.

Below is a statement from Andrew Mitchell the director of the award winning company:

“Having had smaller machines without a pressure pot system in the past you realise why you need to pay the money on proper kit, If you spend £500 on an inadequate machine when you are in the industry you have wasted it, but invest money in decent equipment and you will get a payback in a couple of years and then really its profit all the way.

The Vixen machine increases quality and time and is very easy to install, use and maintain. It is economic on grit and no set up time compared to our other method with a helmet in a blast container. I predict the machine will definitely improve our business”

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