Wheel Lathe Launch

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The all new Vixen Vertical Wheel Lathe was launched around the world at multiple trade shows in America and Europe. The Vixen team started off the launch in the UK then travelled as far as Chicago for the IMTS Show.

At the Automechanika show, Vixen took along a Jetwash 60 washing and degreasing machine, an Aquablast 915 wetblasting cabinet and the complete wheel repair package, which consists of the Aqua Wheelblaster and the new Vertical Wheel Lathe.

This Vertical Wheel Lathe has laser probe technology and can scan the original wheel every time, ensuring the highest accuracy and outcome when repairing alloy wheels. The laser scans the wheel in under 30 seconds unlike older models where it will take up to 15-20 minutes.eel Lathe was the star of the show! It gained a lot of attention and the highly trained Sales Engineers gave some excellent demonstrations, which showed the great workings of the machine. Alongside the Wheel Lathe, the Sales Engineers then processed the wheels in the Aqua Wheelblaster to give them a pristine as new finish.

Vixen’s Wheel Lathe also features a Windows 7 operating system, making it familiar with most operators and touch screen controls so little training is required. With the Vertical Wheel Lathe, you receive 2 days operator training so you can confidentially work the machine, however as the machine is so easy to use it normally only takes half a day!

The next stop for the Wheel Lathe was in the US at the IMTS Show. After some great demonstrations were given, the machine was sold on the stand! This show was a huge success for Vixen overall, as every machine on the stand was sold by the last day!

Click the link below to take you to our dedicated Smart Wheel Repair website with more information on the Aqua Wheelblaster and Vertical Wheel Lathe.


You can also click below to watch the video on the Wheel Lathe.


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