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Aquablast 915
Case study overview
What The Customer Says: 

“I have never got so excited about a machine before - it’s saved so many hours and has benefitted our company greatly".

(Above: Managing Director Alan Herd with his Aquablast machine)

Progrip Systems in the UK restores and refurbishes car and motorcycle parts using Vixen’s Aquablast. The company also uses their machine to provide vapor blasting services to industries such as catering and food, and is rapidly expanding their customer base.

As it is important for the parts to look new and polished, Progrip Systems decided that the high quality surface finish achieved using an Aquablast machine would be the ideal solution. Before investing in an Aquablast, Progrip Systems used a sand blasting machine to try and finish components, which resulted in a messy process with an amateur-looking finish. The desired results were also impossible to achieve by hand.

By altering the level of force in the Aquablast through water pressure adjustments, Progrip Systems are now able to finish many different types of parts no matter what the requirements of the application. This has helped to reduce their production times and has made the finishing process easier. Also, by using different types of media in the vapor blasting process, Progrip Systems can offer customers different finishes which is important when cleaning a wide variety of components and parts. These can range from a satin finish when using a glass bead media, to a rough etched key finish when using chilled iron grit.


Alan Herd, Managing Director of Progrip Systems, said: “I have never got so excited about a machine before - it’s saved so many hours and has benefitted our company greatly. The Aquablast’s versatility means that we can now offer customers a large selection of finishing effects, as well as the classic ‘as new’ results which are important in the restoration industry.” 

Alan went on to say, "Having had 30 odd years in the building industry along with TV construction programs for the BBC and the Discovery Channel, when my son joined my company as an apprentice two years ago the search began to diversify. Both of us are into restoration - myself with furniture and motorbikes and my son with classic autos. On many occasions we have looked at less aggressive ways to clean corrosion and tarnish from aluminum other than sand or bead blasting. We saw an internet clip showing vapor blasting in action and it took about 10 seconds to realise that we needed a machine, so the search began. Several machines were pondered over until we saw Vixen’s range, and after a quick phone call a meeting was arranged.

We only intended to see a machine demo but after just one hour we had agreed on an Aquablast 915. We now advertise our vapor blasting services and have a small but steadily increasing workload for it. We now blast clean architectural ironmongery, auto components and motorcycle components. Many thanks to such a friendly team at Vixen - a degreaser next I think”


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