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Vixen has enjoyed long-lasting business relationships with a number of prestigious clients. Customers purchase bespoke creations as well as products from its core range, which include wet blasting machines, dry blasting cleaning cabinets and degreasing & phosphating equipment.

Below you can find out what Vixen's clients think of the products and after sales service delivered.


VTL Precision Ltd - United Kingdom

‘ VTL had a requirement for the cleaning of a high precision Aluminium component with an extremely high cleanliness specification to go with it. The part had complex oil galleries that could not be cleaned by conventional methods. VTL went to vixen with a concept of a high pressure robotic system which Vixen then took forward and developed into the system we have now. Because of the success of the 1st machine we have now ordered a follow up machine for a new project. This machine is a key component to the success of our production line and Vixen stood upto the challenge’ - Richard Thornton - VTL


D. Vandenheede Enterprises Ltd. & Purenvironmental Restoration Services Ltd , Canada, USA .

"Vandenheede Enterprises Ltd operates a small specialty blasting company operating as www.sodablast.ca. The firm began in 1997, over the years Sodablast have expanded into all types of media blasting including soda, sand, lime, glass bead, walnut, corn, crushed glass and dry ice. In 2015 they decided to expand into vapour blasting and parts cleaning to accent their services. From experience they found that using glass bead dry is too harsh and aggressive even at a low pressure for substrates like aluminium and stainless. Blasting dry opens the surface up too much and leaves an unacceptable finish. ”.

“After much research into vapour blasting technology, Sodablast found a few companies in the world that produced machines that met their requirements, but eventually decided to go with Vixen Surface Treatments most popular machine, the Aquablast. The reason behind this decision was due to Vixen displaying the best technology, the best build quality, and the top quality service where any questions they had were answered in depth prior to purchase

What the customer says: “In my opinion Vixen machines are the Cadillac of the vapour blasting technology and are reasonably priced for their equipment. The sale and after sale service have been top shelf. The vapour blaster has performed flawlessly and works as described. Any small issues or queries we had after buying the equipment was dealt with straight away. We have done motorcycle parts, aircraft parts, auto parts and more without any issues. We have blasted aluminium parts and found that the Aquablast leaves a closed surface rather than an open surface offered by dry blasting. This closed surface is compare to a peened finish, grease and oil can be easily wiped off the parts after vapour blasting..

"I would highly recommend the Aquablast from Vixen for any firm who are considering expanding their offerings into parts restoration."

PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITES www.sodablast.ca www.pavementmarkingremoval.ca www.vapourblast.ca www.per-solutions.com

Councours Restoration Services , Perth, Australia .

"Concours Restoration Services is a business based in Perth Australia, predominantly supporting the restoration of vintage and classic cars or motorcycles. Steve purchased the Aquablast 1215 machine from Vixen over a year ago to clean different parts and components for his business. ”.

“What the customer says: “I heard about Vixen on the internet whilst looking for a wet blast machine. I had a lot of queries but they were all answered quickly and efficiently by the staff at Vixen. They also provided some names and contact details of other machine users in Australia. All of the people I contacted were complimentary about the equipment and service provided, and having all used the machines for a while, were able to recommend the most useful extras to purchase at the same time. I placed an order for a 1215 machine with turntable and recycle water system. Packing, shipping and door-to-door delivery was included in the purchase price so I had nothing to worry about with regard to customs clearance, delivery or anything. It turned up at my factory unit, on time and in great condition as it had been well packed. There had been one small item damaged during shipping, which after a single email and four days later was replaced by Vixen and delivered by airfreight, great service!”

“The Vixen Aquablast 1215 is a great machine for anyone in the restoration business. It easily gives an unbelievable finish on aluminium, brass, copper or stainless steel, and I have also had great success with plastics. The machine is simple to use and after only a couple of hours to determine what pressures are best for what material and finish required, great results are achieved every time. I selected the 1215 machine to allow V8 cylinder blocks and Jaguar camshaft covers and the like to be undertaken, also the extra volume of the machine prevents blast media from impinging directly onto the rubber lining giving increased life. The recycled water system also works well, and with a small modification to include a bypass valve, the machine has been working well for over a year now. The machine is well built using good quality components and, in my opinion, is superior to the lighter fibreglass units available from other suppliers.”.

“The Aquablast machine has allowed me to restore items such as wiper motors and fuel pumps to "as new" condition, V8 engine manifolds, brake callipers, vintage bike engine cases and even antiques. One customer wanted the paint removing from a plastic model of a '57 Chevrolet, which the machine did with ease leaving a clean plastic surface! I have since removed paint from vintage car instrument panels for various customers.” He then said that the finish that can be obtained on aluminium almost always results in the customers asking "Have you painted it?"

Please call Steve on 041 909 2131 for more information on the machine and its capabilities."


John, John Carr Guns, Doncaster.

"What the customer says: “Before purchasing the Aquablast 915 my method of cleaning was very time consuming. I used to clean the parts by hand which could take up to half an hour. Now I can blast up to five parts in ten minutes using the Aquablast which successfully removes tool marks, a process which I couldn’t do manually”.

“Vixen Surface Treatments provided a very good service and the machine turned out to be a great investment”

John Carr Guns manufactures bespoke parts and components for guns that range from the firing cartridge to the external structure. Alongside John’s factory based in Doncaster UK, he has an on-site store where customers can visit and see for themselves the impressive machinery he has to offer. John supplies a broad range of guns, parts and equipment in his store. John first noticed Vixen Surface Treatments after researching wet blasting on the internet. He was impressed by the demonstration he was given at the Vixen factory and thought the final finish had the wow factor. The finish to John was most important due to him supplying external structures to bespoke guns.

John said “My clients pride themselves on the look and style of their guns so the parts have to be exceptionally clean when sold.” He then said “Within the gun industry dry blasting is considered a more favoured method of cleaning which produces a rougher finish. However customers have started to notice the smooth effect that I am achieving through the Aquablast. This desired look is now becoming increasingly popular due to its higher quality result.”

John explained that having his Aquablast has made him stand out from his competitors due to the unique, new and upcoming surface finish it produces."

Sandy, Oleo International Ltd, Coventry.

"In 2014 TA Savery recognised a need for improved cleanliness and the need to reduce the oil/Swarf contamination of our in-house manufactured aluminium and steel manifold bodies. We looked at several different types of wash systems from a number of manufacturers and wash trials were performed using various washes with two different manufacturers’ at their facilities.

An independent component cleanliness analysis was carried out on trial parts and the results showed that the Vixen Aquajet was the most effective system to meet our requirements. The Vixen Aquajet was delivered in September 2015 and the after sales and support has been excellent. We now have greater confidence that our components meet our expected high standards of cleanliness."

Abdulla Alhamer, AWRS Bahrain - Red Wheels W.L.L.

"Having researched on Google for wheel wet blasters I came across the Vixen Aqua Wheelblast machine. We invested in the machine because we were spending too many man hours 'prepping' the wheels with sandpaper before repair and recolouring them and we needed a solution to help us become more efficient. The team at Vixen were friendly, helpful and informative. The delivery went smoothly and I benefitted from a 'shipping included' offer.

Purchasing the Aqua Wheelblaster has made my business more effective and it has also significantly decreased the consumption of sandpaper. All of my guys are enjoying the machine since the process is now a few steps in one. By increasing the air pressure to the Aqua Wheelblaster and using a high grade garnet, we especially use it to remove the clear coat on the wheels without damaging the paint underneath. I am now considering purchasing a second machine for my other branch. I would definitely recommend this machine because it saves a lot of time and effort during the preparation process of alloy wheels." 

Tyron Ingle, Ingle-Hart Engineering Solutions (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

"We are really happy with the machine and all of our customers are so drawn back by what the Aquablast®  is capable of doing. We saw the machine here in Cape Town. I had one of my motorbike parts cleaned and my business partner and I were swept off our feet by the capabilities of the water/glass mixture and what it's capable of. We wanted to try and market the machine as much as possible in the restoration business as sand blasting and other methods of blasting can damage the surface of the material whereas the water/glass cleans up the surface with no scratching what so ever.

Speaking to the Vixen crew was so easy and they helped us with whatever we needed, no fuss at all. Could not be happier with the service we received.I'd recommend the Aquablast®  to any motor mechanic restoration company, even engineering company's to clean up mechanical part, as the Aquablast®  does not do any damage to the metal surface at all and it is so simple to use. Purchasing from an overseas company was easy and stress free."


Bob Little, Continuous Improvement Co-ordinator, HydraForce, Birmingham

"Vixen Surface Treatments stood above their competitors with their ability to listen, design flexibility, market knowledge, engineering skills and after sales support. HydraForce chose Vixen Surface Treatments to design and develop the bespoke washing and cleaning facility line currently in place in our new factory located at Birmingham's Advanced Manufacturing Hub."

Christian Planting, Technical Manager, ACtronics Ltd, Essex

"Having recently purchased the Aquablast 915, we are really pleased with the impact it has had upon our work. Compared to the shot blasting machine, the Aquablast®  915 is much quicker and cleaner. The machine ensures that our end products are of a high quality, which in turn makes our company look more professional and customer satisfaction is increased."

Peter Harden, Production Director, Magnetic Shields Ltd

“We are able to put a course media in one side of the machine, to remove marks and ridges, and a finer abrasive on the opposite side to allow for a cosmetic finish. The guillotine door separates the two wash chambers, so we can use both of them at the same time. We are also able to open up the door to create one large wash chamber for bigger components. The machine really is ideal for our needs.”

To see the full case study, please click 

Andrew Hildred, Production Manager, Malton Laser

"The machine provides a good and consistent finish to the metal parts. The results are very effective.”

The fact that the machine is automated makes it very easy to use and is ideal in a busy working environment – we are able to just load the machine, press a button and leave it until finished. This has proven to reduce our production times considerably and generate a faster turnaround."

Bernard Schofield, South Africa

"I would just like to thank the Vixen team for the professionalism in the way my enquiries regarding the Aquablast 915 machine were handled. This influenced my decision to purchase this unit.

The order was placed and the machine was despatched, and on arrival was installed, connected, setup and started - the results are amazing.

I am very impressed with the results that can be attained with the machine and would recommend the Vixen product to any perspective clients.

Again a big "Thank You" to all concerned and look forward to a long standing relationship with Vixen."

Alan Herd, Managing Director, Progrip Systems

"Having had 30 odd years in the building industry along with TV construction programs for the BBC and the Discovery channel, when my son joined my company as an apprentice 2 years ago the search began to diversify.

Both of us are in to restoration - myself with furniture and motorbikes and my son with classic Minis. On many occasions we have looked at less aggressive ways to clean corrosion and tarnish from aluminium other than sand or bead blasting. We found an internet clip showing vapour blasting in action and it took about 10 seconds to realise that we needed a machine, so the search began.  Several machines were pondered over until we saw Vixen’s range, and after a quick phone call a meeting was arranged.

We only intended to see a machine demonstration but after just one hour we had agreed on an Aquablast 915. We now advertise our vapor blasting services and have a small but steadily increasing workload for it. We now blast clean architectural ironmongery, car components, motorcycle components as well as carrying out our regular joinery work.

Many thanks to such a friendly team at Vixen - a degreaser next I think!"

Kevin McDiarmid, Vaporblast Canada, Canada

"Exporting the machines to Canada was handled professionally and when technical advice was needed on the setup, Vixen had their technicians phone me to talk me through the setup. Vixen provided an excellent service.The Aquablast®  915 is an amazing machine that provides a cleaning and finish on metals and plastics that we use in the restoration of cars and motorcycles that can't be replicated. It reduces the process from days with chemicals to hours without solvents, and we can't wait to buy another machine."

Chris Stoppani, Plasticoat Ltd

“We use our Vixen phosphating machine for various metals, and it has sped up our workload considerably. We find that the running costs of the machine are reasonable, and that the operation process is safer than using the old phosphating system. We would recommend Vixen to anyone requiring a phosphating machine as we are more than happy with ours.”

Chris Dingley, We Do Powder Coating

"Our front-loading phosphating machine manufactured by Vixen has helped speed up the pace of our production process as it has a faster turnaround than traditional phosphating methods. Our machine is well maintained and performs excellently, and we would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone requiring a phosphating machine – in fact, we already have!"

Andrew Buckley, Director, Colour Anodising Ltd

"We have been totally impressed by our Aquablast®  machine and the professional service that  Vixen Surface Treatment offers. The professional training and aftersales service has been first-class."

Chris Chaney, Managing Director, Glazing Vision Ltd

"Glazing Vision manufacture standard and bespoke roof lights for the construction industry. Our products are designed to meet the architect’s vision and tailored to exactly fit the building dimensions. This is also true when it comes to colour, and we will supply the finished product powder coated in any RAL colour. Bespoke products are often built to a restricted timeline and could require assembly in mill finish, then breaking down to be transported to an external paint shop, painted and transported back to be reassembled, all of this was time consuming and made deadlines even tighter. The solution was to bring pre-treatment and powder coating in-house, the problem then was the physical space that a full ‘dipping’ process would require.Vixen provided us with the solution in an enclosed ‘Phoswash’ pre-treatment plant. The cycled spray process gives us full control of the levels of pre-treatment in a limited space. Furthermore we chose a non-chromate version of the system which gives us the best solution to remain environmentally friendly, producing clean water as the output from the process. This added to a modern powder coating facility and fully equipped testing facility gives us a quality solution with no delays and no transport costs.The setup of the system required dedication and skills on our part and we are pleased to confirm that Vixen worked with us to ensure the system met the requirements and the specifications of our business."

Gary Martin, Managing Director, Re-Go Autoparts

"No standard cleaning machine could get close to achieving what we wanted. Vixen took the time to listen to our specific requirements and carried out their own investigations to ensure that the proposed machine would offer the performance we needed in all areas, such as: correct level of cleanliness, consistency of cleaning results, a reasonable cycle time and the correct throughput capacity. It was also important that the machine would be easy to live with, and was able to run for a sensible period between clean downs, and that this procedure could be carried out quickly and easily.The machine has met with all the challenges we gave to Vixen, and as with any custom built machine, an element of development and fine tuning through tests and trials had to be made. Vixen’s commitment to this and the after sales support, training and assistance has been excellent.  We now have a machine that makes us wonder how we managed without it."

Phil Murdock, Diamond Alloys Ltd

“We have been very impressed with the Aquablast®  machine. It is quicker than traditional methods and produces a better surface preparation result which in turn has improved our overall efficiency and finish to the work we carry out. We found it a good investment being far more cost effective and would not hesitate in recommending this product.”

Rod Marshall, Service & Technical Support Manager, Mecc Alte

“Prior to using the Vixen Jetwash degreasing machine we were using a rented piece of equipment for cleaning and degreasing the components. We were looking for a machine which we could own and service affordably and after initial visits with one of Vixens engineers we quickly identified there could be room for improvement over our previous equipment, which is why we decided to go ahead with the purchase. We have had the machine for a while now and can truly say it was worth every penny and is far more economical than previous methods.”

TT Electronics, Barbados

“The main benefit we observed from using Vixen's Miniwash degreasing machines was the reliability. We have an excellent relationship with Vixen Surface Treatments. The Miniwash 480 degreasing machine gives rapid speed, quality and cleanliness of the components to TT Electronics and is contaminant and hazard free to the working environment."

Gordon Styles, Managing Director, Star Prototype, China

“My company, Star Prototype, is based in China and in 2010 we were looking for a new machine to remove an expanded PU foam from within our CNC machined ABS models, and also the cleaning/finishing of Aluminum parts. After a lot of testing and searching throughout China and other countries we simply couldn't find a machine that would do even remotely what a Vixen Aquablast®  wet blasting machine would do.  We personally imported the Vixen Aquablast®  machine from Teesside in the North East of England to Zhongshan without any difficulty what so ever, and the machine has performed excellently producing amazing results.   The true test is that we have two machines stood side by side, a Chinese made machine and a British made machine.  My Chinese workers simply gravitate towards the Vixen wet blasting machine because it simply works the best by far providing great results. In short the Aquablast®  is a truly great, reliable, dust free machine.”

Bill Redman, Managing Director, Redman Engineering

“Since introducing the Aquablast®  wet blasting machine time has been cut to just 2 ½ man hours and removed the need for cleaning as a separate operation prior to surface finishing. An additional benefit being the finish is now consistent and controllable and any one of our staff can use it. We have time and control back in our hands. The process has also removed sore and cut fingers! We would highly recommend Vixen’s Aquablast® .”

Doug Cook, Managing Director, DJ&SC Cook

“We have a small workshop where repairs and restoration of classic motorcycles is undertaken, we also take on blast cleaning from the car and motorcycle trades and general public. In the past we used a dry bead blasting cabinet for the cleaning of parts but decided to move to a wet blasting system to improve the finish of components. After researching Wet Blast machines we chose the Vixen Aquablast®  because of it's Stainless Steel construction, cabinet size, competitive pricing and the willingness of the company to meet our needs. We have found a significant improvement in finish, speed, reliability and cleanliness with the Aquablast®  wetblasting cabinet. The process is dust free and as such visibility during blasting is vastly improved, reducing the time required to clean each component. We have no hesitation in recommending the Vixen Aquablast®  to anyone considering buying a Wet Blast machine.”

Alf Hubbard, Managing Director, Alf's Motorcycles

“The wet blasting equipment has been a superb addition to the tools our workshop use for refurbishing motorcycle engine components and we continue to find more applications to experiment with. The Aquablast®  1215 wetblasting machine has clearly reduced the time to refurbish these items compared to previous as we now have a factory finish and could not ask for better.”

Brian Smiles, Smiles Engineering, Tyne & Wear

"The Jetwash Carousel degreasing machine is a great improvement on the smaller top loading machine which we previously used, for the type of work which we carry out. The machine is continuously utilised on a daily basis and has helped us to cope with our increased workload and keep up our reputation for quality and service which we have built up over the past 25 years. The machine has also contributed to helping us win a Business of the Year Environmental award."

Ian Wood, J and CR Wood, Hull

"Several factors led us to purchasing the Phoswash machine from Vixen. The machine has a very compact design, was competitively priced with low operating costs and negligible environmental issues and also uses a phosphate solution which gives better results when powder coating. The quality of the finish to our components is now much better than with the open vapour system and has reduced our preparation time by more than 50%. We found the degree of assistance from the Vixen team to be of a very high standard and the Phoswash machine seems to fulfil all the promises made."

Dave Wright, TQ Education & Training Ltd

"Since buying the machine it has increased productivity immensely, for example our old machine completed a full wash in 10-12 minutes but the new Phosphate completes a wash in just 3 minutes. I also find that the auto-dose system cuts down on manual labour time and maintaining the machine is far easier than the old machine."

Nick, Full Range Finishing

"From a health and safety point of view it is a major step forward as we were using solvents before, the VixenPhosphater is also a bigger machine than the trike tank which means we are able to load more quantities of components and larger ones too."

Richard Burns - Thetford Finishing Ltd

"It is an ideal alternative to the trike tank which is now old technology. The installation was quick and easy, and the training received was very good. It was an easy transition to become VOC compliant."

Rhys Boden, Clutch & Gearbox

"We use the Aquablast®  915 machine from Vixen daily for wet blasting of clutch assemblies in the main. The dry blasting process was very dusty as opposed to wetblasting which is a dust free process and we now also spend less time and money in topping up the media as the wetblast machine prolongs the media life. Overall we are very impressed with the machine and the service from Vixen."

Matthew Hargrave, Lockside Engineering

"The purchase of the Vixen AB915 wetblasting cabinet has speeded up our cleaning process considerably and at the same time cut down on manual labour. As a company involved in engine reconditioning we need to clean up a wide range of items including engine blocks, cylinder heads etc. We previously did this by hand using wire brushes, however we now wetblast all of the components in the Vixen Aquablast®  cabinet and the result is a much more presentable end product."

Mike Beresford, MEM250V

"Increased efficiency was the spin-off with a required 1.1 million components per week automatically degreased and dried immediately"

Ian Wilson, Hi Shear Fasteners

"Vixen's machines have given us a safe, reliable alternative to cleaning small parts in the light of the problems associated with solvent cleaning."

Tony Palframan, Managing Director - Phoenix Optical Glass:

"It is ideal for use in our busy workshop. All our components are made specifically to customer requirements and all applications of the Vixen machines are different. The Vixograin media gives an excellent cosmetic finish and shows up any faults when inspecting components. An added bonus is we can use the Vixen Jetairfor internal maintenance too."

John Mallinson, Production Manager, Playdale Playgrounds:

"As the Vixen machine has now enabled us to control our blast cleaning we have significantly reduced costs and lead times on painted steelwork. We no longer need to use subcontractors and the finish the machine produces is excellent"

Mike Bloomer, Production Supervisor, Black & Decker

"The new Vixen machine produces a consistently clean product and from the minute the machine was switched on, we have had trouble free use twenty four hours a day, impressing everyone in the factory. An added bonus has been that we have made a 50% saving on blast media."

Michael Valters, joint Managing Director of West Riding Pressings

"I am pleased with our investment, The Tristar is very cost effective doing a job previously requiring 4 people and enabling us to wash and dry 1,000 components per hour. We are now considering in investing in another machine from Vixen to help in the degreasing of other components."

Chris McNatty, Batts Motorcycles, New Zealand 

“We have had the machine up and running and played around with it… we are totally amazed! I have been using various methods of cleaning alloy engine components for the last 36 years and NOTHING has ever come close to this!

We would like to say thank you for your professional service, it has been a pleasure doing business.”

Peter Berendt, Managing Director - The Aqua Blast Shop, Australia 

“The machine’s capability is now the main focus of the business. Before we invested in Vixen’s Aquablast®  machine we used to finish the components using hard labour and elbow grease, whereas now, the absolute ease of use of this machine saves so much time during the process.”

Peter Hewitt, Qioptiq, UK

"Our Aquablast®  machine was tailored to suit our individual requirements and for a very reasonable price we have achieved the desired results. The Aquablast®  has also resulted in Qioptiq removing a subcontract operation for all wet blasting needs and is now achieving consistent results with vastly reduced cycle times.

The machine is functioning better than expected despite being worked hard, and is providing consistent results with a cycle time that has surpassed anything that we have achieved using manual blast methods."

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