Vixen Robowash

The Vixen Robowash machine is an automated washing machine complete with robotic arms. This machine was designed and manufactured in Vixens state of the art factory in the North East of England. The design team work closely alongside the customer to create the best machine for their requirements. This particular machine is capable of achieving less than a 60 second cycle time, carrying out 3 processes while a part is being loaded/unloaded. With a Siemens control system this machine is easy to use and has a double skinned and insulated construction to reduce running costs.

Loading Bay

The loading bay features bespoke fixings that can be manufactured to any requirement. The light curtain acts as an important safety feature which is also located within the loading bay. If the light curtain is broken then this stops the machine from indexing. You can also have the choice of loading manually or using a robot to take this machine to the next step of being completely automated.

Wash Stage

The wash stage is carried out by a robot which is fully programmable and gives flexibility to clean complex parts, which washes at a high pressure of up to 136 bar and a high flow of up to 200L/M.

Rinse Stage

The rinse stage ensures full coverage for the parts using rotary and fixed spray booms. The inline filtration achieves the required cleanliness levels to meet very strict specifications.

Assisted Dry

The assisted dry stage has two programmable robots capable of blowing off standing water and clears blind holes to provide a dry part. Each robot has its own independent 5 nozzle head, capable of directing air where it is needed the most. 

Each machine is tailored to customer specifications

  • Fully automated
  • Robotic arms
  • 3 processes in less than 60 seconds
  • Siemans control
  • Insulated construction
  • Light curtain for safety
  • Drying robots complete with 5 nozzle head
  • Washes with a pressure of 136 bar
  • Rotary and fixed spray booms

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