Special Build

At Vixen Surface Treatments we design and develop world-class wet blasting machines, dry blasting cleaning cabinets and degreasers. Within the website you can browse through technical information on all of Vixen's fine products.

The products displayed on the website are, on the whole, placed within Vixen's standard ranges. However, it is not limited to producing standard off-the-shelf products, and can be called upon to design bespoke creations that perfectly meet your needs. You can depend on Vixen Surface Treatments to quote you a fair price for any special build or custom build projects.

Vixen primarily performs special build requests in three of its main product categories, all of which are listed below:

Wet blasting machines

Dry blasting cleaning cabinets


Vixens's experience in the development and production of machinery used in surface treatments has enabled to develop significant prowess in the creation of bespoke products. Please browse each of the special build categories below before contacting Vixen to discuss the requirements of your project.