Cutting Hobs

Automatic Cutting Hob Wetblast Processing

Vixen Cutting Hob processing is a Repeatable & Controllable process 


Adding the Vixen process to your manufacturing process will remove the need for manual processing of tools pre and post coating and enhance your offering and add efficiency to your process.

Our process is perfect for your manufacturing requirements by adding greater consistency and repeatability.


we supply solutions for new and regrind projects adding our process consistency, control and process monitoring giving the best results for new and regrind tools. 


Hob processing stages available 

  • Deburring
  • Edge honing
  • Cleaning
  • Pre coat processing for greater cleanliness and coating adherence 
  • Post coat processing

Wetblast processing benefits

  • Consistent and repeatable process
  • Uniform surface 
  • Deburring
  • Ideal surface preparation for coating adherence 
  • Cleanliness of process aids coating process
  • Edge honing of your tools consistently and to tight tolerances
  • Post coat processing to smooth the surface  


We have solutions available to fit into your manufacturing process. The Vixen automatic satellite indexing Aqua Blast is available in different configurations to be completely bespoke to your requirements.


Our Hob processing solution comes in standard processing configurations but is also totally customizable.

  • 6, 8 or 10 standard satellite stations - different variations available
  • Automatic vertical oscillation for varying length Hobs
  • Automatic horizontal oscillation for varying diameters
  • Automatic rinse sequence to clean post processing
  • Automatic blow off sequence 
  • Process media concentration monitoring 
  • Vertical door opening to aid load/unload
  • Table nudge function to aid load/unload


Take a look at our video of the solution processing generic Vixen parts to showcase the satellite indexing machine

Contact us to setup samples processing, arrange a site visit or to discuss your requirement with one of our team. 















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