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Slovenia company proud to be part of the Vixen family

Posted on Thursday, 4th February, 2021

Tremas D.O.O, based in Slovenia are a company that mainly focuses on the repair and rebuild of petrol classic vehicles.

Thanks to Vixens vapour blasting technology, Tremas can say goodbye to hand brushing, washing and degreasing their components and say hello to fast, effective results!


After little research, it soon became clear that Vixen had the solution to their tiresome methods. In 2020, the owner Rok Truden decided to purchase our best selling Aquablast 1215 cabinet, which is the medium-sized cabinet and a popular choice for this application due to the spacious blast chamber.

The Aquablast machine uses water mixed with abrasive media to create a slurry which simultaneously blast cleans and degreases. This means parts are thoroughly cleaned and removes deposits such as rust, dirt, oil and paint, all whilst ensuring a completely dust-free environment.


It's fair to say that once he received the machine, they were not disappointed and described the Aquablast as 'a game changer'.

"I'm proud to be a part of the Vixen family. When my machine arrived I could see the quality in workmanship and design. It's a plug and play machine."

Rok is thrilled at the fact the company can now take an old, dirty looking part and transform it to a like-new condition with just one process, one cabinet and all within a matter of minutes!


It's not just Tremas D.O.O that are amazed with the results, even their customers cannot believe that the parts being handed back to them, are the ones they brought in for cleaning!

"I chose the Aquablast from Vixen as it was clear they are the no 1 choice worldwide for making wet blasting machines." 

He also said this about our service:

"From initial contact, they had a lot of experience and gave me the best advice for my application. The aftersales service has been great with a fast supply of spares."

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