Vixen's Jetwash Used As Part Of NDT Testing

Posted on Thursday, 21st October, 2021

ATH NDT based in Lancashire, UK specialise in providing NDT level 3 services to the aerospace and general engineering industries.

This includes an extensive client list including Rolls Royce, BAE Systems, Honeywell, Airbus and many more…

Non-destructive testing (NDT) uses analysis techniques to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage. In simple form, this specialist testing helps identify and locate defects either on the surface of a component or subsurface.

In terms of ATH they provide two main forms: Magnetic particle Testing and Fluorescent Penetration Testing.

The company’s main form of testing is the Penetrant, this is used for any material that is non-porous. The team apply a fluorescent dye that seeps into the material and reveals any defects that you wouldn’t normally see with the human eye.


ATH NDT purchased our Jetwash 99 in 2020 and this washing and degreasing machine has become an integral part of their specialist procedures.

Vixen’s Jetwash is used on every part that the company processes on site. All parts require a pre-clean prior to being testing and this is a vital stage of the process. The machine is then used after testing as a post-clean to ensure they are despatched to their customers in a clean condition.

Jordan Heaton from ADT NDT, said:

“The Vixen Jetwash is fully integrated into our business. It is the key process when it comes to testing for us. The equipment is incorporated into our quality management system which has then been approved by BSI to the requirements of AS9100 and then NADCAP.”

ADT NDT has been running for 11 years now and the team has accumulated multiple accreditations over the years including Level 3 EN4179 / NAS410 in both MPI & FPI & ISO9712, as well as prime approvals. The initial function of the business is providing NDT Leve 3 services but this has then been complemented further with the addition of ATO and NANDTB status allowing the team to offer training and examination to their ever-growing aerospace clients.

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Jordan went on to say:

“We use an aerospace approved chemical specifically for cleaning metallics. The machines great for us because it’s so large we can get huge volumes through really quickly. It comes with built-in timers and temperature controls.”

Vixen’s Jetwash is approved for all aerospace testing for ADT NDT and Jordan describes our washing and degreasing machine as: “absolutely fantastic for all those processes.”

ATH NDT as a company has also become an endorser of Vixen’s brand by referring our products to other NDT specialists which have led to bespoke washing and degreasing machine orders.

“The service we received from Vixen was faultless. They are very responsive and upfront about lead times and costs. The delivery of the Jetwash was fast and efficient, very easy from ordering to installation.”

Thanks again to Jordan and the team at ATH NDT for the invite to their premises and to witness how our Jetwash 99 model has become a major and key role in their NDT testing.

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