Ackee Services

New Jersey, USA


New Jersey, USA


Aquablast 1215

Ackee Services is a vapor blasting company based in Middlesex New Jersey, USA and use their Aquablast® 1215 to offer surface preparation and refinishing to components.

After purchasing their machine in October 2020, they noticed the cost and time saving benefits that vapor blasting could offer their customers, so decided to specialise in this area.

The main use for their Aquablast® is to refinish motorcycle and automotive parts to a high standard.

Cerise said: “The end result is a non-abrasive and greener method to clean and polish surfaces!”

Some benefits of vapor blasting:

- Cleans by flow, not by impact

- Water acts as a lubricant, no surface damage

- 100% dust-free process

- Time-efficient

- Quicker productivity

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