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Vienna, Austria


Aquablast 1215

Just Technik Design based in Vienna, Austria is a repair and paint shop for the automotive and personal watercraft industry.

The company specialise in the repair, restoration and rebuild of vehicles, motorcycles and Jet skis and represent leading brands such as Kawasaki and Belassi.

The owner Ernst Just, decided to purchase the Aquablast 1215 to restore everything from Aluminium and Stainless-Steel industrial parts to cars and motorcycles to produce a beautiful surface finish.

The vapor blasting machine was installed only a couple of weeks ago and Ernst couldn’t wait to tell us how impressed he is.

Before purchasing the Aquablast 1215, Ernst was cleaning by hand which was very labour intensive and time consuming. He used various methods such as a washing machine, parts cleaner with harsh chemicals, and even manual brushing for hours on end. Nothing quite lived up to the results he now achieves in the Aquablast!

He explained that this process was very tiring, and he needed a much quicker method and so, decided to purchase our medium-sized model: the Aquablast 1215.

This new cleaning process has allowed Ernst to offer new opportunities, the Aquablast is a great income generator. He now hopes to also surface finish components for applications in 3D printing and moulding. With vapor blasting, you can achieve a consistent and even finish which is vital for these types of industries.

The Aquablast 1215 is the medium-sized cabinet in the range and a popular choice for automotive restoration.

The pristine finish is created through flow of water mixed with abrasive, which results in a finer finish. This is due to the water acting as a lubricant meaning no media is impregnated into the component. The process is completely dust-free as there is no breakup of media, unlike dry blasting where the finish is produced by sheer force of abrasive impact.


Ernst Just


Vixen was very friendly, informative and helpful. I am really pleased I have chosen a Vixen product. The 1215 will be of great help to us as we offer more new and special plans. Because vapor blasting is a new process to customers in my area, we can create great added value for cleaning and polishing their parts. The results of the parts speak for themselves in terms of appearance and quality. The perfect finish is created very quickly so looks great for restoration. Restoring parts like cylinder heads is extremely easy! It's great!

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