Mr Reifen Felgendoktor

Dortmund, Germany



Dortmund, Germany


Aqua Wheelblaster

Mr Reifen Felgendoktor is one of the most popular wheel repairers based in Dortmund, Germany purchased our Aqua Wheelblaster to prepare wheels like never before.

Mr Reifen Felgendoktor repair alloy wheels and create customised alloys for many high end customers daily. The Vixen team visited Mr Reifen in 2019 to see how the Aqua Wheelblaster has impacted their business.

Before purchasing the Aqua Wheelblaster, Mr Reifen would scotch brite the wheels by hand, and this would take up to 30 minutes per wheel. Now using the Vixen Aqua Wheelblaster, it only takes 3 minutes to prepare a wheel before powder coating.

Mr Reifen processes up to 30 wheels a day so having the Aqua Wheelblaster has saved a considerable amount of time.

The co-owner, Tuncay showed the team around the workshop and got to see the machine in action. The amount of wheels that were waiting to be processed and ready to go back to the customers was astounding. The array of alloys from size to colour really shows off how exceptional Mr Reifen is as a business.




Before purchasing the Aqua Wheelblaster, we used to prepare the wheels by hand which took 30 minutes, but now thanks to the Vixen machine it only takes 3 minutes! Contamination of any kind, do not stand a chance against the Aqua Wheelblaster. Only the best for our customers. The service we received was outstanding and the service engineer who came to Dortmund to set up the machine couldn’t have been more helpful. We can recommend the device without any problems.

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