Nassstrahlen München

München, Germany


München, Germany


Aquablast 1215

Nassstrahlen München are a vapor blasting company based in Munich, Germany and have taken wet blasting to the next level with their Aquablast® 1215.

The company, also in partnership with Blackbean Motorcycles restore an array of automotive components.

The business has blasted parts such as Yamaha SR500 cylinder heads and Ferrari Testarossa Carburettors using a unique combination of our own media; specifically Vixosheen and ceramic.

The Aquablast® is cost-effective and time-saving with Vixen's wet blasting technology that uses water mixed with abrasive media to blast clean, degrease and restore components back to better than new. And it's clear that Nassstrahlen München have mastered this!




Results: Like New! Disadvantages: There are none!!!

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