Ramoto Ltd





Aquablast 1215

Ramoto Ltd, based in Latvia restore cars and motorcycles old and new using our Aquablast.

Since the company began, the owner Juris Ramba has always combined modern technologies with old school techniques to obtain the best results possible.

After discovering the many benefits of vapor blasting, he decided to purchase an Aquablast from Vixen.

Ramoto Ltd is the first company in Latvia to purchase the Aquablast 1215!

As surface preparation and cleanliness is a vital aspect of Ramoto’s work, the wet blasting machine can do just that. This dust-free process of abrasive media mixed with water produces a soft satin finish, which is ideal for cosmetic finishes in car and motorcycle restoration.

This method also means inspections and assembly work is always to the highest level. Before purchasing the Aquablast, Juris was using a dry sandblaster, but due to the harsh nature of this process, he was limited to only using the machine for rust removal and paintwork preparing on steel and aluminium parts.

With the Aquablast 1215 it’s opened up a new dimension of possibilities to effective clean and bring back to an as new finish of old corroded engine parts.


Juris Ramba


“Thanks to the staff at Vixen for building this machine and providing the know-how. I had a lifetime dream of creating an efficient, modern and well-equipped workshop and after many years, I feel like my dream is materialising with this new vapor blasting machine.”