Star Rapid

Zhongshan, China



Zhongshan, China


Aquablast 1215

Star Rapid, a prototype manufacturing company in Zhongshan, China purchased Vixen's Aquablast machine to clean and surface finish aluminium parts.

Star Rapid was looking for a versatile machine that could finish various components, whilst achieving outstanding results. After researching what was available, they discovered Vixen's Aquablast range.

Manually operated, the Aquablast 1215 wet blasting cabinet is particularly effective for creating a satin finish on stainless steel along with a wide range of other metals. The Aquablast range is designed to simultaneously blast and degrease components in a quick and easy dust-free process, which achieves outstanding finishing results on a variety of components.

The key to Vixen’s wetblasting process is that the finish is produced through the flow of water borne abrasive, and not by media impact. This helps to create a finer finish due to the lubrication and flushing action of the water during the process. Vixen’s wet blasting process eliminates media impregnation into the component, and as a result, is vastly becoming a popular choice for companies across the world.

Star Prototype use a fine glass bead media to clean their components, and find that the Aquablast’s high quality performance outshines competition.


Gordon Styles

Managing director

Star Rapid was looking for a new machine to remove an expanded PU foam from within our CNC machined ABS models, and also the cleaning/finishing of aluminium parts.

After a lot of testing and searching throughout China and other countries, we simply couldn't find a machine that would do even remotely what a Vixen Aquablast machine would do. We personally imported the Vixen Aquablast machine from Teesside in the North East of England to Zhongshan without any difficulty what so ever, and the machine has performed excellently, producing amazing results.

The true test is that we have two machines standing side by side, a Chinese made machine and a British made machine. My Chinese workers simply gravitate towards the Vixen machine because it simply works the best by far, providing great results. In short, the Aquablast is a truly great, reliable, dust-free machine.

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