Agisonic Tank

The Agisonic Degreasing Tank is a programmable multi-function wash plant which comprises ultrasonic functions coupled to a separate wash cycle using the Vixen Agiwash function

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Vixen has developed the Agisonic Degreasing Tank to be capable of withstanding extremely heavy contamination.

Ultrasonic cleaning has long been viewed as the benchmark, and often the ultimate form of cleaning. The rationale behind this view is formed based on the fact that the ultrasonic action – commonly known as ‘cavitation’ – can clean internal areas which are not accessible using other means of washing (e.g. spray washing and agitation).

The Agisonic operates using an immerse wash alongside a strong flushing action. The component is moved up and down quickly while being submerged in a moving hot water-based cleaning fluid. It is then followed by an ultrasonic stage.

Vixen has added several menus which enable a multi-programme wash cycle. The ultrasonic action combined with the agitation cleaning cycle gives maximum cleaning efficiency.

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  • Programmable, multifunctional wash plant.
  • The Agisonic is available with standard basket lengths ranging from 500mm to 2 metres long. It is also available with twin tanks and transfer trolley, where wash and rinse may be required. Agisonic machines are also available to take specific component we
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Before we invested in a Vixen machine, we used to use manual parts washers and paraffin washers – it could take over a whole day to clean just one. Whereas now, with the Vixen machine, we can get a large resistance bank cleaned in just 35 minutes, and the results are outstanding. The machine is so easy for our workforce to use; all the wash cycles are pre-programmed which is ideal in our busy workshop – it’s made everyone’s job so much easier.
Chris Holliday
Tyne & Wear Metro, UK

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