Phosphate Machine

Vixen manufacture phosphating machines that measure up to the latest technology trends

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Our team of design experts strive to ensure that we only produce world-leading phosphating machines.

Here at Vixen, we strive to manufacture phosphating machines that measure up to the latest technology trends. This Phosphate machine is front loading and comes in many sizes, varying from one to three metres in basket diameter. The basket is static and a boom rotates around this during phosphate washing. This Machine has been developed so that customers incur low running costs.

A further benefit of Vixen’s phosphating machines is that they eradicate chlorinated solvent-related health and safety issues, with the added bonus of better paint adhesion.

All of Vixen's phosphating machines operate in a three-stage cycle: hot washing with a phosphate solution, hot rinsing and then hot passivation solution.

Vixen Surface Solutions’ phosphating machines have been built for numerous applications.

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Phosphate Machine
  • Eradication of health and safety issues associated with chlorinated solvents
  • Reduction/elimination of etch prime processes
  • Excellent paint adhesion (salt spray tests indicate 260 hours)
  • Fast and flexible processing of metals
  • Low running costs
  • Ease of handling larger components
  • Full technical back-up regarding phosphate solution/processes available
  • Touchscreen controls for easy operation
  • 500 litres per minute cleaning capacity
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We use our Vixen phosphating machine for various metals, and it has sped up our workload considerably. We find that the running costs of the machine are reasonable, and that the operation process is safer than using the old phosphating system. We would recommend Vixen to anyone requiring a phosphating machine as we are more than happy with ours.
Chris Stoppani
Plasticoat Ltd, UK
Glazing Vision manufacture standard and bespoke roof lights for the construction industry. Our products are designed to meet the architect’s vision and tailored to exactly fit the building dimensions. This is also true when it comes to colour, and we will supply the finished product powder coated in any RAL colour. Bespoke products are often built to a restricted timeline and could require assembly in mill finish, then breaking down to be transported to an external paint shop, painted and trans
Chris Chaney
Glazing Vision Ltd, UK
Our front-loading phosphating machine manufactured by Vixen has helped speed up the pace of our production process as it has a faster turnaround than traditional phosphating methods. Our machine is well maintained and performs excellently, and we would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone requiring a phosphating machine – in fact, we already have!
Chris Dingley
We Do Powder Coating, UK

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